Zacharias Mavroeidis

The Summer with Carmen


While enjoying a day at Athens’ queer beach, 30-something Demosthenes offers to help his bestie and aspiring filmmaker Nikitas in drafting an idea for his feature debut, inspired by the events surrounding a certain dog named Carmen. Two summers ago, Demosthenes was stuck in Athens dealing with health issues of his father. This served as an excuse to reach out to his ex, Panos. Meanwhile, Panos got the overly cute Carmen, something he soon regretted. Likewise, Demosthenes seems to have regretted breaking up with Panos. Or did he not? Struggling to transform real events into a hero’s journey, the two friends question the no.1 rule of script writing theory – the hero that changes – while turning a page in their long-lasting friendship.

Original title
To kalokairi tis Karmen
106 min
Color / Black&White


Zacharias Mavroeidis

Zacharias Mavroeidis studied Architecture in Thessaloniki, Theater in Madrid, Scriptwriting in Cuba, and Filmmaking in Athens. He is a Berlinale and Sarajevo Talents alumni. His debut feature, O XENAGOS, screened in Thessaloniki IFF and in LGBTQ film festivals around the world. His sophomore feature, APOSTRATOS, won the Young Jury and the Audience Award in the International Competition of Thessaloniki IFF and the Best Film Award in KINENOVA IFF 2020. He is currently participating in Cinekid Script Lab, developing his first novel, Nine Lives Left, as a feature animation film for young audiences. Since 2022, he serves as General Secretary at the BoD of the Greek Film Academy. He wrote the script of TO KALOKAIRI TIS KARMEN together with first-time writer and best friend Xenofon Chalatsis. The film won the first prize in Agora-Works In Progress of Thessaloniki IFF 2022.

To kalokairi tis Karmen (2023); Apostratos (2019); O xenagos (2010)



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