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Aimed at representing the scope of international queer filmmaking (with a special place for Ukrainian films), voicing topical issues in global and national contexts, representing the community and being its mouthpiece, in artistic as much as social and political dimensions.


The festival grows out of the Sunny Bunny strand at Molodist which has been part of the festival since 2001. Molodist (founded in 1970) was the second big international film festival in the world after Berlinale and Teddy to introduce the special award for LGBTQIA+ themed films and launch a dedicated program to it, which then evolved into Sunny Bunny as a competition of full-length fiction films and non-competition screenings of documentaries, short films, and queer classics. Andriy Khalpakhchi and Anatoliy Yerema were the founders of the LGBTQIA+ program at Molodist. Sunny Bunny has been the leading LGBTQIA+ themed cultural event in Ukraine and the Eeastern European region.

Sunny Bunny film festival will maintain the tradition of the eponymous programme at Molodist, while expanding into a wider scope of subjects and representing more films and talents. The main program will be the international competition dedicated to feature-length fiction films. In addition, it will showcase fiction, documentary, short, and classic films in the non-competition part of the festival. 


Sunny Bunny is a competition festival, with the eponymous main prize, awarded to the winner of the international competition of feature-length fiction films. The winner is chosen by an international jury of five members, which includes film industry professionals, artists, activists. The jury may award up to two special mentions in the competition.

Audience award is presented to one of the films from across the festival’s sections, based on the vote of viewers attending physical screenings in Kyiv.

Regulations 2024

The LGBTQIA+ SUNNY BUNNY Film Festival will take place in Kyiv for the second time from April 19 to April 26, 2024.

The festival's goal is to be a significant representative of the Ukrainian and international LGBTQIA+ community, play a visible role in political and social representation, and catalyze change on the path to equality in Ukrainian society.

The objectives of the festival include analyzing key trends in addressing LGBTQIA+ themes in the works of filmmakers worldwide, especially emerging directors;

Establishing and expanding creative contacts among these filmmakers; integrating Ukrainian films into the global process of cinematography and industry, promoting the work of Ukrainian filmmakers with LGBTQIA+ themes;

Presenting and unveiling the cinematic heritage with LGBTQIA+ themes from around the world, including Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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Honorary President
Andriy Khalpakhchi
Bohdan Zhuk
Programming Team
Bohdan Zhuk
Igor Shestopalov
Viktor Hlon
Sasha Prokopenko
Andriy Khalpakhchi
Technical Director
Maksym Voitenko
Financial Director
Iryna Chykolovets
Marketing & Communications Team
Maryna Kryvoruchko
Artem Chekhov
Liudmyla Khivrenko
Volunteer Coordinator
Vladyslava Safronova